Business – Science – Press

Business Cooperation:

The next step will be to set up FORMWELT Online. To accomplish this we are looking for business partners and persons or institutions interested to support FORMWELT with funding.

FORMWELT Online is necessary so that people can work with FORMWELT.

This Online Service can yield profit as a fee-based, closed service and/or as a service provided to mankind cost-free for private use. As FORMWELT is no Public Domain Service and all rights to it are owned exclusively by its Inventors, FORMWELT will operate profitably in scientific and economic respect as well. Cost-free private use would at its outset prove to be rather expensive, because of the much higher data traffic load and since it had to be financed using company profits e.g. from income out of charged licenses granted for non-private use and with funding, but could in the long run pay for itself and generate even further revenue with applications such as Language Based Behavior Research or Search Engine Optimization and Individualization.

With regard to business we are currently above all searching for competent and strong business partners who are interested to investigate, shape and manage together with us the complete licensing scope of FORMWELT in order to exploit the diverse possibilities of deploying FORMWELT worldwide in all the meaningful areas.

Scientific Cooperation:

Scientists who are interested to test and work with FORMWELT are welcome to contact us.

Gladly we will work with developers directly to explore specific application areas and explain how we see FORMWELT brought to use in them.

Also universities, schools, research facilities, foundations and state institutions prepared to support FORMWELT with funding are welcome to contact us via email at, subject: „Scientific Cooperation“.

Invitations to hold lectures about FORMWELT, its development and its application, will be appreciated.

Press and Public Relations:

Certainly we can provide you with PDF versions of important texts from our homepage and of course are we available for interviews and to clear up your questions.

We hope you on your part will appreciate that prior to any substantial cooperation talks we will have to ask you to acknowledge and sign our Non-Disclosure Agreement.