FORMWELT Online is the working environment for FORMWELT Users and the integrated development environment for FORMWELT Designers.

Only FORMWELT Online will enable the averagely gifted user to comprehend FORMWELT: What is a reference? How does my language work? How do I recognize? How am I creating meaning? How can I develop a deeper understanding of my world? How can I optimize my language? How can I communicate in FORMWELT? – On FORMWELT Online the user will witness the typical FORMWELT experience: he/she will spontaneously realize how within FORMWELT all of the sudden she is thinking much more clearly and intensively and he will feel a so far unknown ease to express her/himself.

For FORMWELT Designers FORMWELT Online provides the tools to develop, check and integrate their own reference systems and synonym lists as well as the interfaces for FORMWELT and adapted technologies.

Also updating and distribution of new and further developments in FORMWELT will be organized via FORMWELT Online, users can get access to already connected natural languages and a networking platform for FORMWELT Teamwork will be furnished.

FORMWELT Users and FORMWELT Designers can exchange their own and also obtain foreign FORMWELT Perspectives on FORMWELT Online – in closed groups, licensed or public domain.

The FORMWELT Kernel exists at present in German and English, other wide-spread natural languages like Russian and Chinese are in preparation, a representation of the kernel in pure symbol language is in the works.

Whether FORMWELT Online will be available to end-consumers from the start, for license-fees or cost-free, or whether FORMWELT Online will be offered exclusively as a closed service for business or science related purposes will have to be decided in connection with the interests of the FORMWELT Online development partners. Fact is that FORMWELT Online is harboring a tremendous financial potential.

If interested to work with us in order to set up FORMWELT Online feel free to contact us at:, subject: „FORMWELT Online“.