FORMWELT Applications

Thinking & Intelligence

Thinking and Intelligence – imagine what a clear and uncomplicated mind can conceive.

Imagine your thoughts plain and sharp as a knife, your thinking and your expression are in tune. Imagine yourself free from intellectual doubts – freed from this ongoing problem that unsharp and unclear language will always have in tow. Imagine your IQ rocketing because you can think unhindered by the fog that usually gathers fast as soon as you reach a point of consciousness where you lack the fine symbols you need to see what there is to be seen and to understand what there is to be understood. Imagine the enlightenment to recognize what is true and what cannot be and to grasp complex causal relations in the blink of an eye.

FORMWELT is a new way of thinking and this will improve intelligence. So far incorporated in FORMWELT are concepts of mathematics, logic, model theory, science theory, information theory, system theory, sociology, cognition theory, philosophical constructivism, etc.

AI & Robotics

AI and RoboticsFORMWELT delivers the intellectual means to develop an interface that can help a human being to recreate and simulate parts of his/her mind using a computer. Those computer aided constructs can augment her/his daily experiences and proceedings. Moving on from here it might become possible to simulate complex and meaningful maybe even self-referential or self-conscious communication behavior in a machine.

FORMWELT is a self-sufficient coding language for language and meaning and as such it provides the necessary functions to communicate with AIs. For more information on this subject read our article „How to communicate with AIs and develop even more intelligent Artificial Intelligence“ and also keep an eye on our blog.

Communication & Diplomatic Solutions

Communication – this is the main concern of FORMWELT to help people to understand themselves, their world and each other and to develop effective means to communicate with each other.

Imagine a world with no errors caused by unresolvable meaning or unclear reference areas of words (symbols). Using FORMWELT the amount of misunderstandings and failure by vague language and empty word bubbles will be dramatically reduced. People will get more direct access to their own ideas and to the ideas of others and so they can coordinate their interactions more reliantly.

Diplomatic Solutions

Parties (political, business related or private) which join on the neutral, cultural and individual independent, common grounds of FORMWELT will thereby create the basis for consensual solutions even in conflicts of interests.

Working with FORMWELT calms, clarifies and allows the necessary distance. Mediators using FORMWELT will guarantee neutral semantic space for all involved parties.

Data and Information Management

Data and Information Management (internet utilization) – the concepts of FORMWELT are especially useful to organize information, they can be adapted to improve internet search functionality. Further: a simple tool that links the texts you are writing or reading to your reference systems could prove very helpful.


Science – scientific teams can develop their project specific language clearly and effectively when based on FORMWELT. Descriptions of scientific views can be reviewed based on FORMWELT. Most certainly ways can be found to improve them and maybe we even find some important things we have overseen so far because we could not get a clear view from the angle we needed.

Thus FORMWELT will become a substantial tool to develop new theories, to find new ways to solve mankind’s biggest problems and to make the inner- and interdisciplinary work more effective.


Business – every business company can be run much more efficiently if the communication between co-workers and between management and staff is as sound and as precise as possible and what maybe even more important if it can be debugged when necessary. FORMWELT builds the basis for precise communication and situative debugging.

Billions of dollars are lost worldwide owing to unsharp communication. Resources are squandered. Economically and socially and personally valuable human labor trickles off uselessly because it is deployed in the wrong places. Debugging the logistics fails due to ineffective human language and social uproar growing on hereby caused misunderstandings will cost more energy and even more money. Vague language produces failure, precise language on the other hand is the keystone of success.

Service companies which realize the projects of other businesses depend on the work of communication specialists to understand the motivation and the goals of their customers in order to circumnavigate costly linguistic obstacles. Only after being trained in FORMWELT these communication specialists will really know what they are doing.

FORMWELT Online provides the tool to zero in economically necessary communication on its optimum: time, energy, working capacity and social commitment will be set free to pioneer new paths towards new horizons.


Another application might be found in language translation: since FORMWELT is quite formalized, labels can be exchanged almost like variable names in a program, the structure of the meaning should remain unharmed. Using this advantage it could be easily possible to transpose/translate reference systems based on FORMWELT from one natural language into another. This way people could work together although they think and speak in different languages.

FORMWELT can be used to support the individual in her/his capability to widen his/her communication skills by learning more languages.

All around the world people could use FORMWELT to bridge cultural differences and communicate without misunderstandings.


Education – imagine clear-spoken learning materials that help us from our early days on to learn with pleasure as much as we like as fast as we can without the ever lurking demon of vagueness always using its chance to jostle us into the deep and dark abyss of misunderstanding and foolish narrow-mindedness.

Children all over the world can use FORMWELT clarified studying materials, on an equal basis due to their development and learning levels whether they visit public schools or private schools or are taught in homeschooling.

A child from Nigeria could study in a for his/her learning needs specified online environment together with children from Japan, the US, Germany, … all communicating in their own native language but at the same time watching and experiencing how her/his FORMWELT language looks like in the languages of the other children.

And as a bonus: teachers using FORMWELT will improve because they will understand themselves better and their communication will in a most positive sense become more transparent.

Language Based Behavior Research

Another in a way built-in application of FORMWELT is Language Based Behavior Research by analyzing the user activities on an internet service for FORMWELT.

This is of interest to both science (intelligent problem solving behavior) and economy (consumer behavior). By analyzing their language based behavior we can learn how humans develop meaning, how they create their visions of the world and how they organize their orientation.

Search-engine-optimization would be another application that makes monitoring humans and possibly AIs working, interacting and communicating in FORMWELT Online worthwhile.


Liberation from Manipulation: Self-Emancipation – a human being conscious of his thinking and his language cannot be manipulated and will no longer feel the need to manipulate others.

FORMWELT liberates man on a cognitive basis and assists him in sharpening his own thinking and his language in order to recognize manipulation attempts and emancipate himself from those.

FORMWELT is ready. For a better understanding of the next steps please read FORMWELT Online.

Potential business- and sciencepartners: please read this article.