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Germany, Europe and the United States of America are facing similar national and global challenges, as well as some country-specific ones, most of which are complex and multi-dimensional enough to defy conventional solutions. Complex systems require complex thought while dealing with these challenges, especially when the conditions of the system are dynamic and seemingly unpredictable.

We are like skippers who have to work on their boats on open sea without the chance to ever disassemble them on a dock and to build them new of best components.

– Otto Neurath: Sets of protocol. Recognition. Band 3, 1932 / 33, S. 206

Diversification and complexity are the main cause for uncertainty, so all European states have to face the question, how they can provide economically and social for growing stability, trust and growth; Germany, if it wishes to lead from the front, needs to deal with this first and demonstrate results visibly in the short term (while building for the medium and long).

Germany and France are fighting inner fragmentation due to the mushrooming of national fronts and new systems of classes with massive impact on the economy and the social environment. A reversal to nationalism, especially if unaddressed in Germany and France, will draw us back to a well-known historical situation with unpleasant consequences. In a fragmentized, even dissolving European edifice, Germany and France again are standing against each other as the only significant continental economic powers. This combined with the pressure coming from outside, from the crisis in the orient, will produce a high- pressure environment capable of triggering internal crisis and maybe even military escalation.

Also as consumer the citizen is feeling increasingly insecure and sees himself more and more in this exhausting role of having to buy uncompetitive products and services, just to make a political statement of loyalty to an outdated ideology. Objective mistrust grows into general mistrust against all corporations and the Government, and this downward spiral is disrupting the free order of a satisfactory and functional socio-economic system.

At the same time the Asiatic space is booming and the African continent grows more and more as productive economical locations. The technological growth with its immense impacts on the job market creates hope and insecurity at the same time. The advantage of technology is resource liberation. This problem often manifests as what we call “technological unemployment”. And we try to get rid of unemployment through squeezing the unemployed (falsely called such) into outdated job structures with the result that the existing economical system will get further strained in the coming decades. How can we deploy free work-power with discernment and create new job structures which are of value for the coming economy? At this point Europe and the USA are having an educational advantage against the Asian and African markets, but an age-profile disadvantage. We can decide if we want to squander this educational advantage in austerity projects or liberate the potential of education combined with experience by helping the people to creatively develop themselves and initiate profitable activities from themselves and society. This is the market of the future.

The economical and ethical leading role of the western cultures, to foster growth on all levels of human existence on with respect for human rights is being undermined primarily by the challenge of language and communication. There is enough resource and capability, what is missing is the technology of intelligent coordination, which can only happen by the generative power of communication and communicative action. As we can see, subsystems of society are speaking different languages, and we see now more than ever that the ex-differentiation of a deep understanding problem is making itself felt and is contributing even more to the already existing fragmentation. When people feel overwhelmed by complexity they start to construct simpler sense-generating concepts of their world and they start to implement automatic defense reactions against the complexity because they cannot deal with the rising confusion. This is like a virus implemented in a social system. If it can dock, it will become a self-generating and self-reconstructing meme which will get out of control when the social system is not generating the antidote. And the antidote to ideology is not criticism, it is offering intelligence-raising tools, techniques combined with enlightening education and pathways to join creative nuclei with others of similar / complementary goals and skillsets. Ideology is the fundament of fascism. Ideology always comes with the need to create a group where everybody shares the views and where people can isolate themselves from the surrounding system with its unbearable complexity.

Hope is coming from new technologies, from the idea of opening of the markets and from building intelligent networks which create their own solutions on systemic and emergent levels.

We the developers of FORMWELT are capable of architecting and presenting profitable solution strategies and to deliver new technologies to support the speedy and effective implementation of those strategies with minimized risk of disruption.

  • The problem: Fragmentation / diversification / division
  • The Goal: Strategic Multi-tiered unification (not aggregation) of human agency
  • The Method: Intelligent language technology and complex network platforms with process orchestration
  • The Keyword: Metatechnologie – technology creating technology and new jobs and job structures and markets

We can discuss with peers from economy and science the development of new markets and new solutions to the problems described above of wide range economical-social impact on your work too.

Among these solutions is under others an online platform for the linguistic technology FORMWELT, which by itself will revolutionize your economical and private communication, but with its various applications will produce new markets, especially information markets. In FORMWELT Online information structures can be generated of immense value, problem solutions in various scales for both business and social enterprises. These informational structures can be purchased and marketed the same as programs already are. Anyone in 1975 proclaiming that we can earn money with software enabled communication platforms or personal computers would have been declared delusional; emergent technology always looks like the helicopter landing in the middle age. Problem solutions are products! We can make profitable and equitable commerce out of them. These technologies we can offer you can be made compatible and cultural transportable into other situations. Here work power of ordinary people will be turbo-charged in ways never realized before. The stock markets are likely to respond favorably to this new spurt of creativity and productivity.

We can deliver lectures, demonstration and Pilot possibilities about the implications and impacts of these new information markets and creative enterprise networks. FORMWELT will offer you access to new business partners, clients and customers and it will altogether help to a better global atmosphere of communication and understanding, and it will help to overcome existing obstacles and produce openness to new products, services and technologies.

Let us show to you on a small part of this new information market how impressive it is and this even then when we cut out for you a small part: the usage of FORMWELT Online by 10 % of all university students in Germany, Europe and the USA:

FORMWELT Online is an online platform for users to work with FORMWELT to create deep meaning and understanding, to develop new products and ideas, to create and validate scientific theories and results, to program language and meaning.

Monthly fee / average user could be (for example) 10 Euro.

In Germany there are 2.7 Million academic students, in Europe 20 Million, in the US 20.2 Million academic students. If only every 10 th student is working with FORMWELT Online the monthly revenue of the corporation delivering FORMWELT only will be in Germany 2.7 Million Euro, in Europe 20 Million, in the US 20.2 Million Euro.

And this would be just the beginning, because once the impact of a highly evolved technology, system and tool as FORMWELT is acknowledged, everybody would like to work with it in private and in business. New jobs would be created all over the world, a new training-system installed, education would be revolutionized and corporations will start developing new technology with this meta-technology.

Country / State

10 % of all students

Monthly market revenue


270.000 Students

2.700.000 €


2.000.000 Students

20.000.000 €


2.200.000 Students

22.000.000 €

Europa + USA

4.200.000 Students

42.000.000 €

Other partly markets of FORMWELT Online are: economy, communication, science, education, research facilities, governments, private usage, network usage etc.

The political impact of the implementation of the new technologies and platforms will be among others:

  • Rising readiness of the citizens to participate actively in political process without the attendant chaos of consensus
  • Efficient communication with risen solving potential for conflicts inside the country / state and interstate due to a neutral semantic space and situational debugging of conflicts
  • Generation intelligent solutions on the job market
  • Stabilization of the economic climate in Germany, and thereafter Europe and USA.

FORMWELT ist fertig. Zum Verständnis der nächsten Schritte lesen Sie bitte FORMWELT Online.

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