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FORMWELT Online for a better future

Complex times need complex solutions and compex/versatile thinkers. They need a complex approach to science and transdisciplinary synergies between experts and layman in order to overcome some of today’s bottlenecks and to help with some of the global challenges and problems: But even more complex times need people everywhere capable of systemic thinking, of reflexive… mehr ›

What FORMWELT can do for (self-)education

Due to globalization, algorithmization, digitalization, interconnectedness and reality-emulation we are facing fundamental change in almost everything starting with how we see ourselves, how we imagine our future confronted with ongoing automatation and the inventions coming with AI, robotics, bionics, continued by questions about family structures, local, national and global… mehr ›

What FORMWELT can do for Longevity, Longevity Research and Longevity Researchers

by Gitta Peyn with comments/statements from: Prof. Dr. Fritz B. Simon, Ilia Stambler PhD, Marios Kyriazis M. D. Preliminary remarks About FORMWELT FORMWELT is a coding language for language and meaning. It is a linguistic system based on injunction to acquire definition. Its kernel consists of about 320 references: you might think of them as words with concrete meaning which… mehr ›

Value Determination

FORMWELT is a coding language for language and meaning. It is a semantically and formally self-sufficient linguistic system, it is Turing complete (which doesn’t mean too much, most coding languages are). You can express any coding language with FORMWELT, create artificial and artistic languages, translate it into any natural language (verbal or icon-based) and you can… mehr ›

Über meine Erfahrungen mit FORMWELT

von P. H. Wie ich zu FORMWELT kam Durch meine langjährige Freundschaft und gute Zusammenarbeit mit den Entwicklern von FORMWELT – Gitta Peyn und Ralf Peyn – kam ich bereits sehr früh in den Genuss ihrer außerordentlichen Erfindung. Vorweg: Ich habe keinen akademischen Abschluss und bin auch kein Wissenschaftler – ich bin gelernter Mediengestalter und studiere im 10. Semester Kommunik… mehr ›