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What FORMWELT can do for Longevity, Longevity Research and Longevity Researchers

by Gitta Peyn

with comments/statements from:
Prof. Dr. Fritz B. Simon, Ilia Stambler PhD, Marios Kyriazis M. D.

Preliminary remarks

Longevity research will profit from systemic thinking.

Psychological, physiological and social health are interconnected with themselves and with the health of their psychological, physiological, social, economical, political and ecological environments. There is no change in the environment without change in the system. There is no change in the system without change in its environment (including other systems). Significant longevity without any change in our cognitive processes is impossible (Marios Kyriazis).
Longevity researchers need a platform where they can connect and exchange their ideas and where they are en passant trained in continuative systemic thinking.
With change language changes. With emergent changes language has to emerge. Language is limiting and widening our thought processes at the same time. Systemic problems need systemic thinking and a systemic language: FORMWELT.

This is what FORMWELT can do for Longevity:

  • To learn how to work with signs and language is the most fundamental challenge in the evolution of the human mind. Most people stop engaging in this challenge after school. FORMWELT is a never ending challenge in exploring our thought-processes. Through FORMWELT we learn systemic thinking and how we can continuously create our concepts consciously. A person learning FORMWELT is a person learning to know him- or herself. Such a person will learn to communicate with more efficiency. FORMWELT improves cognitive agility.
  • FORMWELT makes people smarter – Longevity researchers included:
  • FORMWELT will help people to realize their potentials so they can become more relaxed, more content, more confident, more creative. It raises human intelligence, helps with effective and constructive communication. FORMWELT significantly reduces misunderstandings on reference level. It reduces psychological, physiological and social stress, and helps dealing with the undetermined, with complexity and with catastrophe. Energy of mind and body will not be entangled any longer in unhealthy stress, caused by conflicts which are related to obscurity of mind or communication and can be liberated consciously into healthy and constructive stress. People will become more resilient and resourceful. This will affect their immune-system, their interactions, their productivity, their mindfulness, their stress-management, their communities, their interest in almost everything. It releases creative energy into new creative spaces concerning everything. People learn systemic thinking. They will be less confused so they can engage all problems with more creativity, ingenuity, resourcefulness. Through systemic thinking everybody can learn to approach complex problems in a functional way:
  • Superintelligence: With FORMWELT we can remove false theories and false solutions from our plate and save us a lot of time, energy, resources and money.
  • The economical advantages delivered by FORMWELT can smoothen the transition into a world where AI and robotics are destroying work place:
  • FORMWELT will help scientists to sharpen their concepts and to determine value:
  • FORMWELT brings an AI in reach that can generate meaning and can help us saving time, resources, energy and money. AI can support us with detecting gaps or obscurities in our research by analyzing our FORMWELT references.
  • Games, interactions on FORMWELT Online can convey new therapies concerning age related diseases and they can help with disease prevention. Longevity researchers might want to support the creation of FORMWELT Online tools to prevent some age and stress related diseases or ease the symptoms by helping people to change the way they think and to train their minds.
  • In a society used to work with FORMWELT children will no longer be forced to unlearn their nature given systemic thinking. We can not even imagine what potential will rise with and in such kids, how healthy they will become and what kind of society they will create over generations while they piece by piece unlearn simplistic and non-systemic thinking.
  • Traumatized people can use FORMWELT to express their feelings. People with psychological disorders can work with their therapists in safe spaces on FORMWELT Online. Together they can explore the inner world of the patient in a language fully accessible to both of them.
  • FORMWELT Online can be used to create space for systemic therapy. All members of the system (for example a family) can share their thoughts and make them fully accessible to each member of this system, including the therapist.
  • With FORMWELT new languages can be created, new sciences and arts. For example existing FORMWELT concepts can be translated into music and light. This might not only be helpful with emotional balance but with communication of feelings and emotions too.
  • FORMWELT can be used to create a complex language for systemic research purposes in new fields we are just about to explore. FORMWELT kernel already includes fundamental concepts from systems theory.
  • Virtual realities can be generated with FORMWELT where everything is given exact meaning, … every single sign: for example the light, the colors of the sky and the sounds of our voice. Imagine people expressing two or more concepts at the same time: one with a word, the other with the tones they express the word with. What might such conscious escape from linear expression mean to our emotional state, our intellect, our communication, our health? What will this bring to society?
  • With FORMWELT even people with absolutely no taste or talent for mathematics will learn the fundamentals of mathematics and logic incidentally. They will learn how to program and how to program systemically. This will help them with calculating in short feedback-loops. They learn how to think operational and organized. Confusion will decline. People today, having problems with concepts of logic can learn them playfully.
  • People having trouble understanding complex nets of arguments can profit from working with FORMWELT and participate in discussions which have been too difficult for them in the past. Conflicts coming from differences in intellectual capacities can become reason for constructive exchange instead of aggression, separation of the classes and the dominion of ideology and sensitivities.
  • FORMWELT Online will change the way we think about education. Children can explore global knowledge, their world, their minds, their abilities freely, creative and interconnected with everybody else they like to study with in every language they chose while learning other languages at the same time. We already know that polymaths have a good chance for a longer and healthier life. Teachers will become research partners with their students. Everybody who has created a meaningful FORMWELT reference can become the teacher of everybody else. We can finally start working as a world-wide community. We can stabilize our environments through becoming stable people ourselves.
  • People suffering from depression can work in cooperative FORMWELT environments. Highly intelligent people will find it easier to find friends and work partners. Loneliness coming with intelligence does not have to be a problem this big any longer. Isolated people can use FORMWELT Online to be as productive as they want to be and find reward and human contact on FORMWELT Online without these poisoning conflicts coming with other social media platforms. The consumerism Google, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram etc. are producing is causing environmental stress and diseases. FORMWELT Online will help people to emancipate themselves from such harmful influences.
  • Researchers can build teams on FORMWELT Online. They can work together on their concepts and ideas and exchange references, create references together. They can integrate citizen scientists into their teams because FORMWELT is the ultimate test for competence: those who know their stuff can reference it in FORMWELT, make it comprehendible to everybody else, those who don’t, can’t. This will enable researchers to acknowledge competent partners faster and it will include citizen scientists into the research process thus speeding up tempo and optimizing creativity and quality of the research globally.
  • Medical data can be enriched by patients through their references of symptoms, life style habits etc.. Patients and physicians all over the globe can join in cooperation which might be especially useful with still puzzling health issues. AI can analyze all medical data and re-direct valuable information to various addresses where it can be useful.
  • People (physicians, researchers, patients, family members) can use FORMWELT groups to exchange medical information and to help themselves with their health issues. The language of medicine can be made accessible to ordinary people so they can become independent and emancipated patients working far more efficient with their physicians and therapists.
  • Autistic persons have a higher chance of understanding others and making themselves clearer to others by using FORMWELT Online as a communication platform. Dyslexic people can use an Icon based FORMWELT to express themselves, to communicate and to learn other languages. People suffering from the consequences of stroke(s) can use FORMWELT Online to re-learn language and to communicate (for example via Icon based FORMWELT) with their beloved and their physicians.

FORMWELT, the language, is ready. Now the platform, FORMWELT Online, has to be built for everybody to work with FORMWELT. And you can help with that.

Join us in our endeavor to help humanity to live a longer, a healthier life.

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Prof. Dr. Fritz B. Simon, Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst, Family Therapist, current focus Research and Science of Organizational Consulting

Prof. Dr. Fritz B. Simon

I find the idea of applying FORMWELT for therapeutic purposes via an online-platform interesting and sensible. To motivate intelligence heightening through continuous reflecting of the sign is a smart approach, especially when it succeeds to realize this approach playfully and accessible to everybody. Considered from medical as well as economical and political perspective I find systemic thinking necessary to face the challenges coming with globalization functionally. With fondness and interest, after insight into Gitta and Ralf Peyns FORMWELT and several personal talks, I am looking forward to an adequate realization of FORMWELT Online and can only motivate to seriously concern oneself with this work.

Berlin, Germany. February 2018.

Ilia Stambler, PhD. Researcher of the Science, Technology and Society aspects of healthy life extension

Ilia Stambler, PhD.

A brilliant concept! Indeed, the importance of developing systemic complex human intelligence for healthy life extension, both for personal self-regulation and for developing evidential effective therapies, cannot be overestimated. Simply put, uneducated, irrational and intellectually undisciplined people, regardless of their material status, are highly unlikely to find effective life-extending therapies, and if by some chance such therapeutic means are found, they will be unable to implement them. This presently seems to be a major obstacle for achieving universal healthy life extension. Hence, developing profound systemic human intelligence is of utmost importance for achieving healthy longevity for all. The intelligence development by itself can become a therapeutic means. The new FORMWELT language paradigm and interactive platform can become a valuable and versatile tool for this purpose.

Rishon Lezion, Israel. February 2018.

Marios Kyriazis, ELPIs Foundation for Indefinite Lifespans, Cyprus

Marios Kyriazis

The study of our world cannot progress without the study of complex systems. We need to move away from mechanistic and simplistic concepts, and embrace a worldview which is based on an all-inclusive view of the world. The human body does not function in isolation. Its systems continually communicate with the external environment, and this means that factors such as society, technology, language, education, and many others have to be included in the study of human ageing. That is why I find the concept of FORMWELT so promising and ideal in helping us with our quest. It helps us bring together scientists from totally different backgrounds, in order to achieve our common aim: human health and well-being.

Larnaca, Cyprus. February 2018

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