The Future of Human and Artificial Intelligence and Communication

FORMWELT is here and today to language and information technology what 2.000 years ago Euclid’s Elements were to geometry in particular and to mathematics in general, with the difference that Euclid can be modelled in FORMWELT and would occupy only a small niche therein.

FORMWELT is a coding language for language and meaning. It is a linguistic system based on injunction to acquire definition. Its kernel consists of about 320 references: you might think of them as words with concrete meaning which explain each other without any gaps that could hinder the flow of information and construction of precise sense. The kernel is semantically self-sufficient. It contains the basic concepts which are needed to describe any thinkable or perceivable phenomenon.

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FORMWELT Applications

  • Thinking & Intelligence

    Thinking and Intelligence – imagine what a clear and uncomplicated mind can conceive. Imagine your thoughts plain and s…  more ›

  • AI & Robotics

    AI and Robotics – FORMWELT delivers the intellectual means to develop an interface that can help a…  more ›

  • Communication & Diplomatic Solutions

    Communication – this is the main concern of FORMWELT to help people to understand themselves, t…  more ›

  • Data and Information Management

    Data and Information Management (internet utilization) – the concepts of FORMWELT are especially u…  more ›

  • Science

    Science – scientific teams can develop their project specific language clearly and effectively when based on …  more ›

  • Business

    Business – every business company can be run much more efficiently if the communication between co-workers and between m…  more ›

  • Translation

    Another application might be found in language translation: since FORMWELT is quite formalized,…  more ›

  • Education

    Education – imagine clear-spoken learning materials that help us from our early days on to learn with pleasure as much as w…  more ›

  • Language Based Behavior Research

    Another in a way built-in application of FORMWELT is Language Based Behavior Research by…  more ›

  • Self-Emancipation

    Liberation from Manipulation: Self-Emancipation – a human being conscious of his thinking and his language cannot be m…  more ›


(Some blog entries are written in English, some in German.)

Transformative Wissenschaft und Citizen Science

Was ist FORMWELT und was kann es für die Weiterentwicklung des Systems der Wissenschaften leisten? FORMWELT ist eine Programmiersprache für Sprachen und Bedeutung. Es ist ein linguistisches System, das auf Injunktion aufbaut, um Definition zu erreichen. Sein sprachlicher Kern besteht aus 320 Referenzen: Sie können sich diese als Wörter mit konkreter Bedeutung vorstellen, die …  more ›

FORMWELT / Economy

Germany, Europe and the United States of America are facing similar national and global challenges, as well as some country-specific ones, most of which are complex and multi-dimensional enough to defy conventional solutions. Complex systems require complex thought while dealing with these challenges, especially when the conditions of the system are dynamic and seemingly unpredictable.…  more ›

Super Intelligence

This intelligence, the Artificial General Intelligence, shall solve all our problems and the entire world is working on it. But the current Artificial Intelligence is mostly at the level of robotics. Fact is, that problem awareness is increased, we have recognized that we need to bundle our capacities to create something that helps mankind to find solutions against the most urgent problems,…  more ›


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