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FORMWELT Online for a better future

Complex times need complex solutions and compex/versatile thinkers. They need a complex approach to science and transdisciplinary synergies between experts and layman in order to overcome some of today’s bottlenecks and to help with some of the global challenges and problems:

But even more complex times need people everywhere capable of systemic thinking, of reflexive and multidimensional thinking, woman and men who have learned to describe their views sensually perceptive and operationally and thus are capable to adress complexity and contingency without fear and the need to reduce them through ideology.

  • How can systems theory and research create significant differences in real systems and everybody’s daily life?
  • How can a transdisciplinary systemic discourse become of value to people, politics, economy, ecology, global solutions and integrate direct feedback from real systems and people into the discussion?

Questions like these culminate in the ongoing task of a systemic language like FORMWELT and should lead to building an exchange platform for researchers, artists, managers, politicians to evolve with their research and exchange of ideas and the systems they analyze, and for laymen and normal people to be systemically integrated into the discussion thus being enabled to use research and systemic concepts to keep up with the complexity of globalization and to participate actively in scientific progress.

Systemic thinking can change the world, but how?

Through people who learn how to think systemically, who learn how to interact with each other systemically and through those people who learn to act as a system in the environment of other systems.

We urge corporations, managers, scientists, artists, governments, philanthropists and others to support us in our goal to help with the adaptation of the individual and societies to new complexities for mankinds sake.

We have entered a new era, the era of reality-emulation, and we need serious people and means everywhere on this planet to help with the changes we all are going through. We can not solve tomorrows problems with yesterdays linear thinking. Systemic thinking is the answer to the problems and challenges of our times. The easiest way to learn this form of thinking is through FORMWELT on the platform-to-build: FORMWELT Online.

Here you can join scientists and artists from all over the globe in their Statement concerning the relevance of systems and systemic thinking:

There will be no future worth living for our grandchildren without a fundamental change in the way we think.

The evolution of mankind, of our intelligence, our ability to communicate effectively and with care is in our own hands. Tools like FORMWELT Online are necessary for us to learn how to think and communicate in these complex times. They also are necessary to fight growing narcissism and idiocracy. We don’t have time for games. We need to change globally. Think tanks will not save us. Ideology will not be effective enough. Politics is too slow to deal with the emerging problems. We have to adapt. We need as many of us willing to change as we can gather, and we need them as systems and systemic thinkers. And the way to do this is online where we all can meet and work together.

Read the articles on this website. Inform yourself about the possibilities FORMWELT (Online) offers. Then start to think how you can be of help to realize FORMWELT Online as soon as possible. We have ten, maybe twenty years to change in order to avoid the heaviest concequences of irreversable climate change. We see isolationism, nationalism and ideological answers to globalization rising and our reactions are not sufficient enough. A power failure in big cities motivates even good citizens to behave like vandals. This is what we are facing if we don’t help each other to learn how to think in challenging times. Make no mistake: FORMWELT is a proposal, yes. But it is created as a tool against our own foolishness, our ignorance and us turning blind while the world is falling apart.

Contact us for further information:

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FORMWELT is ready. For a better understanding of the next steps please read FORMWELT Online.

Potential business- and sciencepartners: please read this article.