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FORMWELT / Economy

Germany, Europe and the United States of America are facing similar national and global challenges, as well as some country-specific ones, most of which are complex and multi-dimensional enough to defy conventional solutions. Complex systems require complex thought while dealing with these challenges, especially when the conditions of the system are dynamic and seemingly… mehr ›


Sie soll all unsere Probleme lösen, die Artifizielle Generelle Intelligenz, und alle Welt arbeitet daran. Dabei bewegen sich die augenblicklichen Künstlichen Intelligenzen noch weitestgehend auf dem Boden der Robotics. Doch die Problembewusstheit ist gestiegen, wir haben erkannt, dass wir unsere Kapazitäten bündeln und etwas schaffen müssen, das der Menschheit dabei hilft, für die d… mehr ›


How to become smarter with FORMWELT Working on Artificial Intelligence seems like the biggest endeavour mankind could challenge but we find working on Human Intelligence and Communication to be even more exciting. Think about it: during the last one hundred and fifty thousand years our species really hasn’t evolved that much. Our meso-palaeolithic ancestor was physically… mehr ›

How to communicate with AIs and develop even more intelligent Artificial Intelligence?

With FORMWELT. First you need to understand the following sentence: “FORMWELT is a semantically and formally self-sufficient linguistic system.” Then you’ve got it. FORMWELT is a coding language for language and meaning. It can be spoken in any natural language. FORMWELT is a linguistic system based on injunction to acquire definition. Its linguistic kernel… mehr ›